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Work ruins all my clothes. #ihatethislocation #ihateindies #amystopcomplaining

"Where I live, there are a lot of apathetic people. People who don’t care at all about what they do or how they do it. They let the world wash over them and barely notice anyone else is even there. Leslie Knope is not one of these people. She cares about everything and everyone in our town. I don’t know how she does it. People come to her with the pettiest, stupidest problems and she cares, like, really, actually cares what happens to them. And if you’re lucky enough to be her friend, your life gets better every day. She spends every waking moment thinking of new ways to make her friends happy. There is something wonderful about seeing someone who has found her true purpose on Earth. For some people, I guess, that’s being an astronaut or a hot-dog eating champion. For Leslie, her true purpose on Earth, her true meaning is making people’s lives better. That’s what I love about her."

Leslie Knope. :’) love you

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And today starts my second movie in a row where one of our leads is a lesbian (and this time the actual character as well.) Point for the gays!

also, my future home.

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Tig Notaro (x)

my friend told me about this woman a little bit ago, so i watched a bit she did and it was alright…but then i just saw this little act and couldn’t stop laughing…I guuueess she is kinda funny ;)

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I am sorry I am just really in love with Orphan Black and I don’t know how to make it stop! 

wait a minute is this a real camping spot where someone can camp there? because i need to

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Trinity River {Andrew Wagner}

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So this is where I live, who’da thunk it. #LosAngeles

Everybody remain calm! #becauseparksdontgrowontrees

I know you can’t tell because the light is shining on it weird, but the front of that plane says Air New Zealand and now I’m depressed. #letmegoooo #whyamistillhere

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this is and might always be my favorite.

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