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Today I passed the Rizzoli and Isles crew signs they were setting up for where their base camp will be tomorrow….you better believe I texted the AD to remind him i’m still alive and to say hey, haha. That’s a gorgeous location we’ve been at the last 2 days, but dang if i’m not glad to not be having to make that hour drive to work. 

"Scene 29 take 11" …why does one need 11 takes of something?! Come on, movin on.

still and will always be in love with rashida jones.

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Can we do dis?!

reminder: still hate myself because of their relationship 

Hey remember that one time 47 weeks ago when I was bored at work so I doodled this on the back of my sides and here I am now with a pine tree and ‘we are the love we give’ tattoos? …is this foreshadowing that I’m gonna end up with a ‘wanderlust’ tattoo too? Hahah. ;)

Grateful to have this one living in town to hang out with this weekend. cc: @tommyergle

Tatiana Maslany’s roles in 2x01

I just don’t even understand! She is so good!

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We need more moms like this! 

oh hey, remember that I freaking love/am obsessed with Kate Winslet? 

shit. i’ve reached that time of night again where i want a girlfriend. 

and also amy.

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Spoiler alert: I will almost most certainly fall in love with you if you love both Jesus and girls. This is very important. 

welp, went to our Good Friday service tonight and as it turns out still pretty much in love with my pastors daughter/worship leader. not lookin good for amy. 

I think I might always be obsessed with this place.
‘Love so deep is washing over me your face is all I seek, You are my everything’ Now and forever and always looking forward to Sunday :) #mosaicla #istolethisvideofromthatguy #idontknowhim #thanksinadvance

me. when someone talks about dieting.

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